Saturday, February 15, 2014

QA != Only Testing

In software development industry, there are many terms introduced very rapidly. There are many new technical terms and acronyms that sometimes confuse people working with. Novice engineers don't know what it is and why they are for.

To make this even more chaos, they interchange the terms and use one in other's place. Some software companies uses these terms in designations also. For example QA, it means it can be Quality Assurance or Quality Analyst. Both of these terms applies to the same underlying principle, task and process which is Software Quality Assurance -- An Assurance given by the development companies to the customers that the software developed by them has considered all the quality standards set by them.

Software companies use QA for instead of Testing. Software testing is a small activity of a larger process. There can be test engineers but they are part of the QA process. But many software companies put a QA label on a tester and call them as QA!!! and give work of testing the software. They never establish or follow the process required to complete the full life-cycle.

Many software companies have people labeled as QA, Sr.QA, QA Lead, and QA Architect!!! (God help us) who just do a labor for the developers, who throws some code on the faces of QA people.  Instead of automating, these people repeatedly tests the software modules developed by unprofessional, careless developers.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) includes the whole software development process. Not just the testing. What the these testers do is kind of Quality Check (QC).

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