Thursday, February 27, 2014

Manual regression testing is horrible waste of human talent

It is horrible waste of human talent and Intellectual Capital (IC), if software development organisations let Testers (QA) doing regression testing manually. Regression testing should be automated using automation tools, and scripts. QA and testing people should be doing intelligent works than just dumb, repeated zombie works!

There are many task in QA process. QA is not just testing (QA != Only Testing). Rather than spending time in doing the same repeated testing, they can spend time in writing scripts and automate them. This way we can avoid the risks of missing the important regression errors/bugs and becoming bored of the same.

By automating you can build the system knowledge into it rather carrying in your's/people's brains (Test automation would be your system's knowledge source). Organisations can also avoid the chances/risks of people walking-out-with-this-knowledge when they leave the organisation. We can also save time and money on regression testing with automation. Test that are automated can be executed at high speed by the computers than humans testing and running it manually. This way you can get much faster feedback on the changes made by the developers. The biggest benefit of testing (other than finding bugs) is rapid feedback on the things changed or added by the development. Automation can give rapid feedback.

Testers alone are not responsible for Quality. Everyone is responsible for Quality.

Don't Fight Stupid. Make More Awesome!
                                             -- Jesse Robbins CEO from Opscode

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