Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Automobile (bus) designers got arrested of a bus accident

Today, I saw a TV news of a bus accident and several people died due to this. It got fully burned when it hit the divider. The fuel tank broken when it hit and by the time the driver noticed the whole but burned and everybody in the bus died. This happened in the mid night when everybody was sleeping.

The bus owner and the driver got arrested. At the same time police took 9 other people into custody. The police said, due to the design faults in the bus the fuel tank burst and bus got burnt and people died.

This means in any other decipline other than software development people gets punishments. Today, software is being used in many life threatening equipment. Software is everywhere. Its used in cars, lifts, life sciences, healthcare equipment, virtually everywhere. The usage of software will increase even more and more.

Today, there are not any regulations exist on software quality. But when politicians become aware of this and if any evidences found on due to a bad quality software & bugs in them accidents happen and people died then politicians will establish regulatory commissions, pass auditing orders and starts inspecting the software and we'll be obliged to follow the documentation of every step then our lives will become horrible. Today, we are fortunate enough that there are no such regulations exist.

So be careful, and start using the quality standards and better practices to deliver high quality software.

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