Monday, February 17, 2014

Roles and Responsibilities of a .NET Architect

I came across the following job description for a .NET Architect

I see almost 90% of the software development job descriptions like above. Did you spot the problem in this?
Let me tell you what it is. The whole description is talking about the tools!!! Not patterns, principles, development practices, processes, procedures, problem solving methods or even any of the software development methods like Agile (eXtreme Programming (XP), Lean, Scrum

There is nothing like, Object-Oriented Design, Patterns, Principles, Practices, Identifying the Code Smells, Applying Code Refactoring Techniques, Test Automation, Automated Developer/Unit Testing, TDD, Architecture and Design Patterns, Application Profiling, Quality Concerns, Performance fine tuning etc.

Do you think a 12 Yrs. Software Architect (.NET or Java or whatsoever) need not to know about these?
OR Do they think that things I mentioned are not at all required to mention in job descriptions? OR do they think that these things are inherent and already would have knows to the people who are qualified for Architect?

This job posting is from an HR - IT Recruiting consultant company. They don't know about all of those things I mentioned. They just form a company, subscribe to the databases of job portals (Naukri and Monster etc.) and put a bunch of template-zombies (TZ) to search the database for key words the IT company needed people. I don't suspect the software development people but the IT companies also have a department called HR/Recruiting who hold similar template-zombies (TZ) to find people for the positions open. These TZs then head to the job portals, looking for key words and handing over the resumes found for the given search criteria to for interview. There would be thousands of findings when they search. Then they turn to recruiting consultancy companies doing the same by handing over the key words and job descriptions etc.

Software companies spend very little time creating and fine-tuning the job descriptions for the position open. This could be the reflection of the Software development & IT Companies who hold similar development practices internally they follow.

Indeed ITES/Software development companies, when they got a project, they just look into the tools and technologies used  are rushing through finding people who knows them.

I once saw a company, and a project which is of Big-Data. They quickly thought Big-Data means MapReduce (MR) and hence rushed to find a resource who knows spelling of MapReduce :) and quickly find the people who knows about or heard about MR and recruited them.

One more problem I see with IT companies is calling software development people as "Resources". For them its just a Resource knowing xxx and yyyy technology. Thye don't just care about the who bunch of other things involved in software development.

On last thing... I see some of the job descriptions having 2-3 pages!!! Argh!!

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