Monday, January 6, 2014

Testing != Debugging

Today, I came to hear an interesting thing. A SharePoint developer came to me to know and fix an error. I asked how to test that this is not working. I asked how do you test your code. He then replied saying that I hook/attach the process and then I debug. I said I'm not talking about debugging the code but I want know how do you test. He just got confused and said this is how I test. I said OK. That is really you're tracing and debugging the code line by line but not testing.

SUT (system under test) is directly running from the UI. There are some web parts and one of the web part is is calling a class that actually do the work. They write the code in here and there (UI events and some classes in back-end), every time they need to test they deploy it and run the application and attach a UI process to test it if it is not going to work.

For lot of programmers testing means debugging. Actually a "developer testing" is not debugging.

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