Sunday, January 19, 2014

On Agile and Agility

Several times I now hear that agile become a normal thing in software development. Well I don't know fully whether that is correct or not but I see the word "Agile" appears (as either suffix or prefix) on everything including company names, product names, project names, template names, and even resumes'.

Is it really become a normal practice in every software company now? Are they really agile without implementing the underlying practices? In these days, by default, people are using Agile word in place of Quality like instead of calling "Tooth Paste" calling it "Colgate" or like Xerox to a Photo Copy.

I see any new term introduced in software technology becomes very soon a buzz word and its importance gets polluted with over using it. Sometimes its meaning and purpose also changes in some contexts. People starts using them for fancy reasons to add more effectiveness into their things (speech, works, resumes, products and projects etc.) For example code Refactoring in software development is used by many things when they refer code quality without knowing what it is.

I observed and asked many developers what it is? when they say I'll have to Refactor it. They say we've a Sprint for Refactoring and they change the code to fix bugs and add new features etc. Sometimes the word itself is misleading people because its very easy to give another meaning without knowing and thinking about it.

Nevertheless, Agile also been started using in many contexts without real understanding and knowing it fully.

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