Saturday, December 21, 2013

Write less code to produce less bugs

I often see the developers write more code which leads to more bugs. My previous post was regarding a code-smell in that I talked about unnecessary lines of code fed into the logic even it is not necessary. Those lines of code and steps were brought as part of building the initial algorithm/logic to make it work. But fail to remove/compact it by refactoring.

This leads to more code to be maintained and leads to creep more bugs. The principle is writing less code hence it will have less bugs. Writing more code, producing more bugs and spending more time in fixing them over and over are a bad practice.

Every method in the class, and every line in the method should have a strong reason to exist in there and should scream for its existence. -- You get the point.

So write less code, keep it short, simple, and produce & fix less bugs, save time!

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